Photo of Neocontrol products 2019
Neocontrol Automation System
Photo of Neocontrol Box 101

Box 99 & 101
The brains behind the most affordable home automation system. Controls audio & video, lighting, blinds & shades, climate systems, security cameras, door locks and more through the Neocontrol app or with Alexa!

Photo of Neocontrol cubee black

Available in 4 stylish colors this unique interface saves upto 4 customizable settings to control multiple devices with a flick of the wrist.

Photo of Neocontrol slimtouch keypad dark brown

Slimtouch Keypad
This attractive wall keypad stores upto 6 customizable settings to control multiple devices with the touch of a button. Completely wireless and available in 4 colors. Mount vertically or horizontally.

screenshot of Neocontrol app for tablet

Neocontrol's App
This easy to use app controls all your devices on one screen. Customizable backgrounds create a fun experience for you and your family. Compatible with Apple or Android you can control anything from anywhere!

Star background
StellarSky Systems

Acoustical Star Panels & Controls

Photo of StellarSky Star Panels with White Horizon LED

Bring the magic of stargazing and enjoy its many benefits from the comfort of your home. StellarSky Acoustical Star Panels are ideal for
☆ media/game rooms
☆ Covered outdoor living spaces
☆ Sensory & Kids rooms
☆ Bath areas

StellarSky Star Panels with Blue Horizon LED and shooting star

Create a one-of-a-kind experience with panel enhancements
☆ Shooting stars
☆ Constellations
☆ RGB colored stars
☆ Horizon perimeter LED

Product photo of StellarSky Ambience RGBW LED controller

StellarSky System's RGBW LED Controller allows you to power and control up to 6 reels of RGBW LED with the ability to control upto 8 different zones. Comes with 17 preset colors with endless color mixing options to find your perfect hue.

Product photo of StellarSky WiFi Adapter

StellarSky System's WiFi Adapter allows you to control the entire star ceiling system with your iPhone or iPad.

Z-Wave & IP Devices
Product photo of Evalogik Z-Wave switches & Dimmers

Evalogik Z-Wave Devices
» Switches

» Dimmers

» Outlets

Compatible with Neocontrol

Product photo of Neocontrol thermostat

Z-Wave Thermostats
» Adjust the temperature in your home from anywhere
» Scheduling capabilities gets the house cooled down before you get into your driveway
Compatible with Neocontrol

Product Photo of Z-Wave lock

Z-Wave Door locks

» Lock & Unlock with the push of a button
» Peace of mind knowing your home is secure
Compatible with Neocontrol

Product photo of z-wave camera

IP Cameras
» Indoor
» Outdoor
» View through Neocontrol app

Turnkey Packages Available

Let us take the stress out of planning your smart home. Our packages help you stay on budget! Our dedicated sales team will walk you through the best options for your family and lifestyle.

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