StellarSky Star Panels

Vilanova i la Geltrú singles tulln an der donau Photo of StellarSky Star Panels with White Horizon LED

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rossendale gay dating free Şemdinli StellarSky star panels are functional acoustical panels with fiber optic stars that simulate the night sky in any space. Their leading edge technology makes controlling your experience easy with a compatible app and integration with home automation systems. Don’t miss spectacular enhancements like a shooting star, Aurora RGB stars, Horizon perimeter LED, and constellations to incorporate an one-of-a-kind night sky into your design.

Experience the Magic

Ginowan mdm dopłaty dla singli When star gazing, the mind begins to wonder and contemplate bigger ideas than life as we know it. It fosters inspiration, imagination, and a connection with nature. It makes us feel like time slows down and provides a unique sense of stillness.öln-düsseldorf-20546/ Many proven benefits of stargazing include

  • Provides a calming energy from the way time stands still
  • Provides a feeling of awe and peace
  • Provides a much-needed break from our busy lifestyles
  • Creates a feeling of solitude
  • Provides a different perspective to our day to day life

According to the EPA, Americans spend 93% of their lifetime indoors. norsk gay porno gratis eskorte So why not indulge in the simple yet incredible pleasure of looking at the stars?

Star ceiling panels are proven to have to same psychological effect as the real night sky and are on the list of attainable ways to bring the outdoors inside any space imaginable.

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StellarSky Systems

Acoustical Star Panels & Controls

Photo of StellarSky Star Panels with White Horizon LED

Bring the magic of stargazing and enjoy its many benefits from the comfort of your home. StellarSky Acoustical Star Panels are ideal for
☆ Media & gaming rooms
☆ Home theaters
☆ Sensory & kids rooms
☆ Bedrooms

StellarSky Star Panels with Blue Horizon LED and shooting star

Create a one-of-a-kind experience with panel enhancements

☆ Falling stars
☆ Constellations
☆ Meteo showers
☆ RGB colored stars
☆ Horizon perimeter LED

Photo of RGBW LED being controlled by StellarSky Systems Ambience LED controller (3)

StellarSky System's RGBW LED Controller gives you the ability to control up to 8 different zones and comes with 17 preset colors. Find a color that always fits the mood with endless color mixing options.

Screenshot of  StellarSky Systems iPad app

StellarSky System's app allows you to control your night sky experience. Change your homes environment at the touch of a button or by voice command. This system can be controlled in many different way giving everyone a chance to experience the magic of stargazing.

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