Z-Wave & IP Devices


Our entire product line can be fully integrated into the Neocontrol Automation System

With Neocontrol’s mesh network multiple Z-Wave and IP devices can be controlled through the Neocontrol app. Experience the simplicity of controlling multiple devices with the touch of a button!

Z-Wave & IP Devices
Product photo of Evalogik Z-Wave switches & Dimmers

Evalogik Z-Wave Devices
» Switches

» Dimmers

» Outlets

Compatible with Neocontrol

Product photo of Neocontrol thermostat

Z-Wave Thermostats
» Adjust the temperature in your home from anywhere
» Scheduling capabilities gets the house cooled down before you get into your driveway
Compatible with Neocontrol

Product Photo of Z-Wave lock

Z-Wave Door locks

» Lock & Unlock with the push of a button
» Peace of mind knowing your home is secure
Compatible with Neocontrol

Product photo of z-wave camera

IP Cameras
» Indoor
» Outdoor
» View through Neocontrol app

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